Reuniting Military Working Dogs with Their Handlers Through Crowdfunding


Molli Oliver loves dogs. She also loves the military. Since 2015, she has been reuniting military working dogs with their soldier handlers. As a proud United airlines flight attendant, Molli has been flying for over 40 years. Back in 1991, Molli was married to a Marine, and rather than have a baby, the two decided to get a German Shepherd. This is when she developed a strong appreciation for this particular breed, which the Military often uses in its Military Working Dogs(MWD) programs.

In April of 2015, Molli was flying on a military charter that was deploying soldiers to a war zone. She started up a conversation with a sergeant. He could not stop talking enthusiastically about the dog he left behind and desperately hoped to reunite with again. He shared, “I had a dog and loved that dog like I’d love my kid. I have a friend tracking the dog. And I hear rumors that he might come back [to Missouri.]”

This is when Molli looked at him and sincerely asked, “ Do you want me to get the dog?”

Molli Oliver at her home in Southern California, 2016

“What does it mean that you ‘got the dog’?” I ask her.

“I flew to the base. I got a kennel. I then shipped him, and flew on the same plane to deliver the dog to his family so that when he got out of the service, he would have his dog. That’s how this all started.”

Molli corresponded with both the military as well as with the sergeant’s parents and friends, who at first thought she was a little “nuts” as she describes, with a laugh. And ultimately, Molli did get the two reunited. This was such a moving experience for her that she knew she had to find a way to help more soldiers reunite with the dogs that have been supporting them, protecting them, and loving them.

Since 2015, Molli has been reuniting military working dogs with their handlers, one dog at a time. She recently started a YouCaring fundraiser to help with the costs associated with the travel and logistics. Molli’s mission is to reunite as many MWDs with their handlers as possible through her non profit organization, MUMS, which stands for Molli Uniting Military Service Dogs. Every single dollar donated to her YouCaring fundraiser allows her to keep doing this work.

“Why is this work important?” I ask.

“Growing up, there were always dogs around. My mom raised them, and my father rescued them his whole life. I’m following in my father’s legacy.”

To learn more about Molli’s campaign and support her on her mission, please visit here.

And happy Veterans Day from the whole YouCaring family. Thank you to all the men, women and dogs that serve our country.

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