Drake Type Beats: Popularity Explained

Drake’s beats are something truly special. They have a one of a kind type of sound that just flows. However, along with Drake’s popularity, the popularity of Drake Type Beats soared also. So, what are these creations that there are now so many of? What is their purpose? Why are they so popular? If you want answers, then you came to the right place.

What Exactly Are Drake Type Beats?

Drake is a popular rap artist of Canadian origin that is viral due to his unique, silky beats. He is often credited with starting a revolution in the hip-hop industry, inspiring many artists to produce their own, similar sounds. In their most basic form, Drake type beats are simply an attempt to capitalize off of Drake’s success. Their main purpose is to serve as a beat for aspiring hip-hop artists. Since many rappers that are only starting out simply can not afford a professional production company to make a bear for them, demand for ready-made beats is fairly high. Drake type beats typically sound fairly well: they are just as silky and catchy as the beats that inspired their creation.

Why Drake Type Beats Are Popular

At their core, Drake type beats are popular because of the semi-unique way they sound, and the high demand for any kind of beat. One can argue that they have Drake’s name in them, and a simple Google search will show YouTube videos, where the title of every single one of them begins with Drake. However, the common folk does not listen to instrumentals all that often; there are definitely exceptions, but the general population prefers some kind of vocal accompaniment to go with the silky beats. The silky, one-of-a-kind sound is the key reason for their popularity. Drake hired a production company that made beats that were different from the ones around them: they were not nearly as harsh and complicated as the mainstream hip-hop beat. Even the more upbeat songs are still smooth and flow very well. This is something different, and something that inspired many other hip-hop artists.Theyare also popular because of demand. Drake type beats are not expensive to produce. In fact, the free sound editing application Audacity is capable of taking any prefab beat and turning it into something Drake-esque. Aspiring rap artists can not afford to pay thousands of dollars for a production company to make a beat for them, nor do they have the time to make their own. It is a cheap process, but it certainly takes time. Professional software will range from anywhere in between a hundred to a thousand dollars, with all the plugins and whatnot. A Drake type beat will cost the common rapper a measly twenty four dollars. That is not to mention the gargantuan amount of free ones on YouTube, SoundCloud, and their less popular counterparts.

Hopefully this article was helpful in explaining what Drake type beats are, what their purpose is, and why they are popular.