If you’re a fan of Overwatch you will be pleased to learn that you’ll now find some VR porn related to your favorite games and characters. VRCosplay X currently offers a variety of virtual reality videos, like Harry Pudder In the Gryffin. VRCosplay X was launched by Hernandez, a BaDoinkVR porn producer, in February of 2017. Other popular titles include Cream of Legends, Pokeballz and Super Mario Cum. Gamers will likely think they’re in heaven once they get a peek at some of the offerings here.

Diligent and Detailed

Hernandez took a special approach to creating XXX parodies of some…

Which VR Headset Is Good For Porn?

To experience the magnificence of virtual reality porn, there are few essentials you may require. First and foremost is that you will need a VR Headgear and secondly, a lonely place where you can lay back and enjoy the perks of VR Porn without any disturbance. However, we cannot help you find that perfect place but yes, we can help you in buying that perfect headset as per your needs and budget.

There are a number of VR headsets out there and so many choices are enough to confuse someone. To ease your search for VR gear, here we have…

It isn’t surprising at all that the adult entertainment is seeing virtual reality technology as a very big development opportunity, especially now that it is becoming more mainstream. Virtual reality pornography could very well take the adult entertainment industry to all new heights and provide people with a more immersive sexual experience as well as allow them to explore all new fantasies. On the downside, virtual reality technology also has the potential to damage real life relationships by creating a hardcore VR sexual experience that is too good to live up to in reality.

A team at Newcastle University, which…

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The adult entertainment sector is a billion dollar business all by itself. However, when you add in the development of virtual reality its safe to express this number could easily double in a short matter of time. So how long ahead of the demand for a partner completely evaporates? It doesnt take much to fill our sexual demands with todays technology along with the continuing advancements in the technology sector. Imaginations are no longer needed as the content an individual desires is right at their fingertips. …

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In California, Proposition 60 was rejected by voters. To break it down into simpler terms, this proposition would have made it so that professional porn actors had to wear condoms while doing their sex scenes.

Obviously the people who were for the proposition wanted to further protect individuals from obtaining or spreading STI’s. Those opposed to the proposition claim that it would have only encouraged public viewers to report companies and porn actors who weren’t complying. It was a close defeat (53.9% to 46.1%).

However, now that VR porn has started to surface and come to light, the need for…

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