Episode 6: Richard Lackie

10 Lists of Ten!!!

Hello, out there people. Here’s a fun little ditty that Mr. Lackie and I did.

RL is known as “America’s Dentist.” He is a master when it comes to BBQ. And as a bonus, he knows a thing or two about Frito Lay Bean Dip.

This was a fun one we did for my birthday. I gave RL a list of lists. I wanted him and I to come up with some answers, and we would run through them.

Let’s just get to it. Here is the Top 10 List of Lists! Enjoy the episode as we run through our choices….

(if you want to jump in to each list, click the link)

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do Naked

9 Favorite Cartoon Characters

8 Favorite Music Albums

7 Movies you Absolutely Love

6 Best Al Pacino Movies

5 Top Jay Mohr Sports Moments …

…what’s this!? You thought I said 10? I did…the rest will be coming in another episode! #Cliffhanger

Enjoy and come up with your own! Please respond with some of your top “tops” via FB or Twitter. Use #AOctw

Let’s Go!!!