life does not care about your plans

it’s good to make plans. its smart and practical, maybe even second nature to plan things out. whether we write it down, take mental notes, or verbalize it, we’re constantly planning things.

plans are meant for structure and order, and it sucks when they fall apart. we plan on having a family and buying a house when we’re 25 because we’ve finished school and landed well paying jobs in our fields. and when that doesn’t happen, when those plans fall through, we realize,

life truly does not care about your plans.

this realization can make you or break you. this realization recently came at me head on (life comes at you fast) and I have been scrambling to pick up the pieces and run back to the drawing board and rewrite my plan. naturally, I struggled to understand what went wrong and what could have been done differently. I couldn’t understand why MY plans for MY life fell through. but then, I saw this quote:

I’ve been so focused on my plans that I forgot all about His. I let my worries overshadow my faith and I got caught up in the how’s and whys of what I believed to be a failure, instead of receiving my blessing. my plans pale in comparison to what His are for me. life did not care about my plans because I wasn’t on the path created for me. the only thing I could have done differently was realize a lot sooner that what God has for you is for YOU.

I am strengthening my faith and waiting to receive my perfect plan.

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