“How might we make toolbox tools easier to find?”

Individual Idea Generation

Using the question “How might we make toolbox tools easier to find?” I ideated 30 different ideas on possible ways to decrease the amount of time i takes someone to find a tool.

New Warm-Up Game

The warm-up game that I developed is called “Rhyme Time.” To play this game one individual thinks of a common word [which has words that rhyme with it] and draws it on a note card. Everyone playing the game is trying to guess what the individual is drawing. The first person who guesses the word correctly is now the new drawer. This person must draw an object that rhymes with the object drawn from the previous turn. The player must continue to draw objects that rhyme with the original word until they can no longer think of one. Once this happens the person whose turn it is must announce that they are switching the word and the game cycles forward.

“Jug+Chug and (in process) Reach+Beach”

Session Organization

Session attendees:


Long Time Friend

Creative Writing Student — 24 years old — little experience with most tools but has excellent organizational skills across many different focus areas.


Friend of C

Marketing and Graphic Design Student — 22 years old — experience with basic power tools and simple hand tools — an “organized chaos” type of person.


My Dad’s Coworker

Experienced Mechanic and Technician — 57 years old — over 40 years of experience using a wide variety of existing tools and creating new tools to fit specific project needs.


My Dad’s Coworker’s Girlfriend

57 years old — little experience using tools but struggles to find the basic tools [such as pliers, screwdrivers, hammers,etc] she needs for miscellaneous projects.


The setting of this event was in the dining room area of my house. The brainstorming session occurred on Saturday, October 21st in the evening.

Warm-Up Games Used:

  • Rhyme Time
  • Zip-Zap-Zop
  • One-Word Story Chain (each person says a word to create a story)

Idea Generation Duration:

35 Minutes

Total Number of Ideas:



66/35/5=0.38 ideas per person per minute or 66/35= 1.9 ideas generated by the group per minute.

One of the walls containing ideas generated during the brainstorming session.

Sorting and Voting

The process used for the multi-voting was the silent-sort method. I thought this would be the best process to use because, as discussed in class, I did not want any of the participants forcing any ideas into a certain category.

Once all of the ideas were categorized I had the participants, along with myself, create textual categories for the different clumps of ideas.

After idea categorization I gave each participant 10 colored stickers and had them stick them on the idea cards that they felt were the best and also most practical.

Category Names:

I had the participants categorize the ideas they generated without my assistance. The following names are exactly as they labeled them:

  • Fantasy/Multiverse
  • Safety
  • Mechanical Design
  • Aesthetic
  • Transportation
  • Clutter
  • Training
  • Misc Household Items

Top Ideas

  1. Tool Briefcase:

2. See-through Stackable Top Organizer

3. See-through Twisty Tools

4. Magnetic Side Organizer

5. Power Tool Charging and Organization Dock

6. Magnetic Toolbar Toolbox Topper

7. Miscellaneous Toolbox Clutter Container

8. Swivel-Top Toolbox

9. Magnetic Labeling System

10. Toolbox Top Organizer