Souvlaki for the first time

One of the best known and typical Greek dishes is souvlaki. Being a refugee, I had no idea about this delicious, tasty dish when I arrived in Greece, but even if I had, I would not have had the courage to try it.

As things begin to improve, one’s appetite returns. Yet I still hadn’t come across souvlaki and I had no idea how it was made.

Being a Muslim, there are certain restrictions on what I can eat or drink. However I really wanted to try one and so looked up its ingredients and found out how it is made.

One day we went for a stroll around Athens, and after walking for a few hours I started feeling hungry and suggested to my family that we go to a restaurant. They agreed. With the information that I had gathered, I proposed having a souvlaki. The best option for us was a chicken souvlaki because we Muslims don’t eat pork. We ordered, and when the souvlaki came, we all looked at the way it was wrapped and how it was put together.

Finally the moment of tasting had arrived! It was a very interesting experience because we had never eaten anything like it before. At the same time it was a bit difficult to eat because of its size and all the sauce inside. It was very tasty and I really liked it.

This article was originally published in the third issue of ‘Migratory Birds’. The third issue of ‘Migratory Birds’ was produced by the Network for Children’s Rights, with support from UNICEF and the European Commission’s Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operation and the Foreign Federal Office of Germany, and published in Greece’s Efsyn newspaper on September 30, 2017.

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