Signs from the Road

During my recent travels through part of the American Southwest — Arizona and southern Utah — I tried to capture as many photographs as I could of the motel signs sprinkled along the roadside.

I swerved into abandoned parking lots, pulled off on the side of the road and coasted in my car along sidewalks while I snapped a few shots of the signs.

What I discovered through this project is that the motel signs that sit along our vast system of roads are like the human faces we see every day.

Some are more beautiful than others. Some light up when it’s dark, while others fade into the background. Some are far more decorated than others. Some are plain, but get their message across just as well. Some appear more open and inviting when others don’t.

But all of them — faces and motel signs — are the first thing people see when as they approach. Both are the beginning of a story much deeper than what appears on the surface; and they give you only a glimpse into the lives behind them.

Stay tuned for more motel sign photos as I continue to travel…