Cauvery — Gandhi — StupidBangaloreans

I have seen many people questioning ways of Gandhi accusing that he delayed much needed freedom from British empire . I didn’t really answer them back but I could never accept that even though that argument used to make sense for me.

speaking on Cauvery issue , Don’t you think these fringe mobs, irrespective of your opinion on them have actually helped to escalate the issue and did better job in representing karnataka ? I mean , how often Supreme court changes it’s decision within a week reducing strain by 20% (15k cusecs to 12k cusecs ). Not bad for a week , is it ?

I’ve been living in bangalore for more than 4 years and I love this place and people . I really wanted to understand this issue and no ! I was wrong . I just couldn’t understand this 124 year old issue just by analyzing facts . There were lot of sentiments involved . But many people seem like they know what they want . Yes ! you have every right to fight for what you believe is justice . But are you gonna fight for what you want or support these mobs and their activities because you both need same thing ?

Sometimes when you think about it , what did gandhi give to india ? freedom ? sure , but also identity to India . when we get a name as peace loving country that doesn’t mean we were labelled weak . there are no weak countries or strong countries . There are only winners and losers . But guess what ? nobody bothers to name a looser . We know how to fight for something in right way . I’m telling you know , had our leaders got independence with just violence even though they are good guys since situations were extreme I would have learned to create violence when I think situation is extreme .

You know the right way , but i know where you are and where you won’t be and that’s why I want to call you stupid .you are what you do , not what you think . So is karnataka . like it or not if these goons win this fight for you then they are the people who’ll be representing state in this issue . Don’t give what can I do crap . they got attention by burning everything in sight . But is that the only way ? if one lakh people sit in cubbon park with candles , won’t that drag attention ? If you do 2 days in a row ? 30 days in a row ? with 1 million ? for god sake there are more than 10 million people in bangalore and I know everyone loves their homeland karnataka . At least to give 30 hours of their life . I’m not capable enough to form opinion on issue but if you do it in right way I’ll be the more than happy to support the fight for home city.

Our proud history is not just about great victories , it also teaches us the most important thing “HOW TO WIN”