We’re literally looking to pay someone to be funny for a living

Content/Marketing/PR call it what you want

Investopad wants someone creative who can take all the ideas that we have around ridiculous, silly and creative PR/marketing stunts, and be the one to execute them.

Here is one we did last year:

And honestly, we have so much more left to say and do— in fact…

(Anyone know how to make this GIF thing bigger?)

Role: Communicate Investopad’s voice in the startup ecosystem across social media, newsletters and… Tinder.

You think I’m kidding but Esther once used Tinder to hire for us:

(Anyone know how to make this thing smaller?)


“To hire”

Disclaimer: Esther has a very serious boyfriend — so no unsolicited d*** pics like last time. She doesn’t know it yet but he’s planning on proposing to her next week. Don’t tell anyone.

But seriously, we’re looking for someone (preferably in Bangalore) with a personality that’s just been waiting to shine through, and a deep knowledge of what’s happening in the startup/VC world.

You need to be a strong, independent millennial who don’t need no boss.


Applying for this job is pretty simple:

  • Tell us, in GIFs and memes, what you can do if given this role and show why you’re a good fit.
  • Give us a glimpse of how you would do the job: Include a section where you share commentary on and communicate news from the startup ecosystem (use real-world examples)
  • If you need help, read the first point again and use this amazing internet searching thing
  • Draft it on Medium: Don’t worry — you don’t need to publish it, but bonus points if you do
  • Send us the private link to hello[at]investopad[dot]com
  • Include a link to any social media profiles that show us how amazing you are

Hopefully now, you’re gonna be like:


Can you seriously tell me some more about what I would be doing?

Esther & Kartic (the guy you’d be working with) put together this job description with lots of big words.

Anyway – was great chatting!

Wait, I have more questions…

Sorry — no more questions for you.

If you have funny friends who love startups and want to help shape the ecosystem – please send them this!