Who needs Epics and Legendaries.

I will show you the pauper way.

The thing that always makes new players shy away from being competitive or sticking to the game is being beaten by other players in the ladder with tons of big bad Epic and Legendaries. Instead of powering through the first few bumps, most of them just say that Hearthstone is a Pay-to-Win game and leave.

If one wants to be a Free-to-Play player then one must remember that on any game, grinding is key. If you wanna get good at something, you’ve got to embrace the grind. I still remember after having unlocked all the free cards and had leveled all the classes to 10, I went ahead and jumped in The Arena to try to get free packs from going 7 and above wins. After cracking them packs, I went ahead and disenchated everything that I didn’t need and made myself my very first deck, a ZooLock.

Pre Naxxramas

This was the list I ran season after season until I accumulated enough Gold and Dusts to finally have enough to open all the Adventure Wings in Naxxramas when the expansion came out. It was tough, menial and very boring at times but the only thing that kept me going was the fact that I was getting to atleast Rank 5 and beating a lot of other players while using a deck without Epics or Legendaries.

So in honor of that very first deck that I made and all the new and old players that are struggling to get those shiny Epics and Legendaries, I present to you, Pauper’s Fist Lock.

Feel the might of Free-to-Play!!!

Go ahead and try it out! Let me know how it goes with you guys since I’ve been using this to climb the ladder and it has given me a 71% win ratio so far. I hope with this, I will be able to encourage and help retain the new players and the old one’s who lost hope.