Vaping: A Gateway to Smoking ?

Vaping has been in news for a very long time. There are a number of haters for vaping, and then there are a few more for loving it. Obviously, we do not say that there is any reason to love vaping but there is also no need or reason either to hate vaping.

Many of the officials and the anti-vaping squad that I like to call them as believe that vaping opens the gateway to smoking. They say that a person, who opens himself up to vaping, causes his curiosity into smoking cigarettes and ends up smoking the traditional cigarettes. There have been a lot of studies regarding vaping and smoking and how is it that e-cigarettes can open the gateway for traditional smoking.

One of the public health professors who works in a university has interest in tobacco policy came up with his study that showed the close link between E-cigarettes and smoking. The study was released in the year 2015 in JAMA Pediatrics in the month of September. The test was carried out on an age group of 12 to 26 years old. The story revealed that none of the people smoked till the age of 16. The people who started smoking preferred e-cigarettes rather than going for traditional smoking. And the people who were nonsmokers or never smoked amongst them, only 2% of such people got into smoking. So the test was quite clear that the person who would like to smoke could opt for an E-Cigarette and could also go for a traditional cigarette. It didn’t actually make much of a difference. But a person who does not want to smoke as his preference would not get into any kind of smoking. Let it be e-cigarettes or let it be traditional smoking.

One year later the study showed that 10% of the people who never tried E Cigarette had actually taken at least one puff of the traditional cigarette. And 38% of the people who tried E Cigarette took at least you one puff of the traditional cigarette. The downfall of the study was the study never took into consideration the prior habits such as consumption of Hookah, marijuana, or cigars. If such considerations were also taken into view and if it turned out that two people affected by such prior state took traditional smoking. Then the study would have stood null and void.

Another study was carried out in the month of August 2015 in JAMA. The study was carried out on 14-year-old school children for a period of one year. There were a total of 2530 students who were kept under observation. The study showed that none of the students was a smoker or had ever tried any kind of tobacco product which included Hookah, marijuana, and cigar also. But later 222 of them tried e-cigarettes. Only 25% of the people who tried E Cigarette actually took tobacco product cigarette into consideration. Whereas, only 9% of the student who never tried e-cigarettes entered into traditional smoking.

The studies, again and again, emphasized on the fact that, e-cigarettes do not open gateway for regular smoking. Associating e-cigarettes with regular smoking was incorrect and stood no chance to be justified. In the later years, there were many studies which also said that e-cigarettes actually helped people to quit smoking. The people who have the urge to smoke could use e-cigarettes to curb that urge. The e-cigarettes slowly and gradually help them to move away from nicotine cigarettes.

To support the above statements it was also said that just if a person would like to have a beer does not mean that the beer would end up making him an alcoholic.

Some officials also say that most of the tests carried out on the basis of common liability models. Where a number of people are subjected to different conditions, such as use and nonuse of products. It must be seen that it can be an individual’s choice to get attracted towards a product or to give it a try and it must not only be dependent on the product for influencing people.

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Vaping being a gateway to smoking is also a political stunt and for the politicians to play their card. Mostly the Vaping issues are taken up in the public to gain the sympathy and to let people know how the politicians are so concerned about their health. They keep on arguing for making strict laws and regulations for making things better.

In the end, it can only be said that no common conclusion can be carried out just on the basis of a product. When making such studies there should be certain points that should be taken care of like what is the relation between tobacco/ nicotine products and the youth and adults. There are a few questions that need to be answered before making such generic reports. It must be seen that, what are the pattern that actually teenagers and adults follow. To have their liking towards tobacco and related products. Often the choices made are because of the mental approach the people have towards such products rather than the product itself being the culprit of alluring people towards itself.

We need to have an open-minded approach and help the youth from falling prey of regular smoking habits and tobacco or nicotine related products. Rather than holding Vaping as a villain to all such addictions and habits.

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