I have no nationality. I have no home. My birthplace is not my home country; my current city is not my permanent residence. My next destination is uncertain, but my departure is destined.

I am a perpetual nomad. My life consists of consecutive, unplanned, and purposeless wanderings. Before ending up in this town, I had roamed to many places and seen many wonders around the world, but this obscure town has a unique charm to me.

When I was near bankrupt, the owner of a bagel bakery appeared and recruited me as his assistant, his only assistant. Had he not…


Oliver discovered a mountain cliff, one thousand feet above the base. Jump from it, and the chance of survival is zero. Consecutive catastrophes — failure in starting up a business, girlfriend’s betrayal and so on — drove this young man into despair. Life without hope can only lead to chaos. To commit suicide seemed to be the only option for him to get rid of all the messes.

The moment Oliver spread his arms, imaging to sail down like a bird, some animal sound distracted his attention. He turned back and his blue eyes met another pair of blue eyes…

Corey Young

Writer, translator and meditator. I write fiction and nonfiction about spiritual growth.

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