How to Talk to Your Uncle About Gun Violence (Without Getting Shot)
Richard Kasbeer

I’m sorry but your facts are a little skewed. I’m not saying I’m for at against guns but I also did some research about guns that changed my outlook. America has approximately 90 guns for every 100 citizens. That’s almost twice as many as the next country. We have, by far, the most guns per capita. There are 218 countries and we rank 111 in murders per capita at 4.7 per 100,000 citizens. Now, if you remove the top 5 gun controlled, democratic controlled cities like Detroit, New Orleans, Baltimore, Oakland, and Chicago the United States would rank 214 out of 218 countries with by far the most amount of guns. Also, the countries ranked lowest on this list are gun owning countries that encourage their citizens to own guns for home and family protection. In fact, Switzerland is ranked 209 out of 218 and they require their home owning citizens to have and keep fully automatic weapons in their homes for defense. Not recommend, require. I know tens of thousands of people are lost every year to gun violence, BUT, if u take into consideration the most gun controlled areas like the above listed cities then that number drops down almost 80% that’s pretty huge. And please leave suicides out of it, if people want to kill themselves, they’re going to find a way. There’s plenty of buildings and bridges to jump off of. I mean no offense but that has has always seemed like a strange argument. Anyway, hope this helped.

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