Over the past two months, the government’s initiative to support businesses through this unprecedented time has resulted in a new common status of employment, with HMRC reporting nearly a quarter of the UK workforce being furloughed.

Whilst for every individual this new situation presents a unique challenge, life on furlough may be the chance to seize new opportunities.

For parents this frees up time to spend with their children and adjust to their new full-time positions as teachers but, for others, this limbo period means more time on their hands.

Business as we know it is rapidly changing, and it…

If one positive can be taken away from the past few weeks, it is the return of a sense of community across the UK. Just two months ago, the Office for National Statistics highlighted a long term decline in Brits’ sense of belonging and connection to our communities. When data was compared to 2011–2012, the public were notably less willing to help the elderly, sick or disabled, as well as having less positive engagement with neighbours.

But that was two months ago. As anyone standing outside of their front door at 8pm on Thursdays can attest, community spirit has made…

Why Entrepreneurial Talent is so Exciting

At Young Foodies, we spend our days talking to entrepreneurial people who have been changing the landscape of food and drink. We are always amazed by their creativity and ability to work together to get results.

Entrepreneurial talent can be the difference between gaining that new listing, or unlocking the potential in your current team.

Here is why we think it is vital that you look to entrepreneurial talent.

They Are Used To Working Cross-Functionally

We find that with these people, they are comfortable working in different functions.

They won’t just operate within their…

Our community of brands all work incredibly hard to build great working cultures. They want to create an environment that people love working in, where they feel valued, listened to and enjoy coming in to work.

With some people working from home and many being furloughed, the usual ways might not work. Add into the mix that people will now have more time on their hands (and may use it to explore what else is out there), it is more important than ever that you double down and make your culture stronger than before.

So how can you ensure you…

Young Foodies leads a community of over 1000 challenger brands in the food & drink space, so we have seen first hand some of the inspiring responses to the Covid-19 crisis.

Brands are sharing knowledge and skills, people are picking up bits of work they have never touched before.

Whilst it’s tough out there, we believe there is opportunity for people seeking work who can offer interim and consultancy services on short-term projects.

So how can you position yourself in the best way possible?

Brands Need Expertise

Right now, brands need specific expertise in certain areas. For example, we are…

Theadora Alexander, Co-Founder of Young Foodies

When I visit brands, I always find it fascinating to learn about the ways in which different founders go about building their teams. Depending on the experience, the background and even the personality type, founders take wildly different paths to reach the same end goal — the right people in the right role at the right time.

I get asked all the time what the right model is. The truth is, I do not see a right or wrong — it always comes down to the business the founder wants to build. …

Chris Green, Co-Founder & Director of Supply Chain Services Young Foodies

“The soaring popularity of Veganuary has led to a raft of shortages of the UK’s biggest plant-based brands” — The Grocer

The majority of the larger plant-based brands including Quorn, Linda McCartney, Fry’s and Vivera all declared out of stocks across their ranges in January. At one point, Quorn reported a whopping 58 SKUs as being out of stock.

‘It is a good problem to have’ — I have heard it far too many times and am ashamed to admit that I have said it myself more times than…

Chris Green, Co-Founder & Director of Supply Chain Services Young Foodies

Consumerism has changed for good and it has changed for the better. The conscious consumer demands that brands show more integrity and authenticity in their approach to business and they want to engage with them in both online and offline worlds. The ever-evolving demands of the consumer has influence mass changes in the consumer goods space, and it’s often the challenger brands that we represent who are fastest off the starting line.

Why are they so important?

Entrepreneurs are increasingly using their ventures as a platform for doing good at a time when business…

Chris Green, Young Foodies co-founder

With growing demand for new solutions, “innovation” seems to be the latest fashionable term being over-used by businesses attempting to appeal to consumers. But not all products are innovative. So what does true “innovation” actually look like, and where can we find it?

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay


I often get the impression that the term “innovation” is being bandied about like it’s going out of fashion. I’m not sure if it’s a recent phenomenon or that I’m just suddenly immersed in an environment where it’s hard to escape it. (Probably the latter.)

What does innovation mean?

Not all products…

Danielle Rooke, Young Foodies

More and more graduates are swapping corporate grad schemes for startup roles. Graduates just like Georgia, who found her first role in a startup through our team at YF Talent.

We spoke to Georgia to get the low-down from on why startups appeal to grads, and her best advice for those looking to begin their startup journey.

Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash

Ask any student heading into start their final year at university, and they’ll likely tell you that their greatest concern is finding a job before they graduate. It’s a worthy cause for worry: most larger businesses open their graduate…

Young Foodies

Making challenger brands mighty and levelling the playing field in FMCG. #risetothechallenger (youngfoodies.co.uk)

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