The Mississippi

Growing up with the Mississippi river 2 miles away from my house has been such a blessing. I will always remember the summer nights hiking down to the shoreline of the river and watching the sunset. A picture hardly does the view justice. The beauty can not be captured with even the nicest camera. The smell of the woods, the sand in between your toes, and the rushing sound of the water all contribute to the overall picture ingrained in my mind, of the Mississippi river. There are colors of every hue painted on the sky, lights sparkling in the distance, and ripples dancing on top of the water. I’m certain that I will look back and miss the summer nights at the Mississippi the most. I’ll even miss the overwhelming amount of mosquitos and the mud that turned my white converse brown after every hike to the shore.

There are so many different spots at the Mississippi river, such as the view near the monument. You can see the sun peaking out behind the trees as well as the unique silhouette of anything: trees, buildings, people, etc. You wonder all the different possible ways there are to go, and all the beautiful places you have yet to see.

This hidden creek is one of my favorite spots. As you walk towards the stream, mud seeps through the cracks between your toes and water splashes on your ankles. The trickling of water onto the rocks is a comforting song to my ears.

You never know what kind of the story the sky will tell. Some days it feels open; you can see pink and orange and every shade in between. Some days it’s cloudy, such as the day I took the picture above. If you look closely you can see plaid stripes sweeping through the sky marking dozens of intersecting X’s.

There is life everywhere down by the Mississippi. There is long thick grass growing by the edge of the shoreline, contrasting with the short, manicured grass you often see elsewhere. You see tiny little bugs down by your feet and mosquitos whirling around. Often times you can see a family of ducks passing by or even a beaver lurking through the water.

The Mississippi in the winter is it’s own story. The paths are ice rinks. The cold winter breeze heightens your senses. The trees are naked, allowing you to see the full view of lights in the distance, something you don’t often get to see in the summer when the trees are full.

The sunset is beautiful, however once the sun fully sets, a new beauty comes into sight. You can the sparkling lights of Minneapolis reflect onto the water.

The Mississippi is one of the most unique things that I will remember about growing up in Saint Paul. Many large parks look the same throughout. However the Mississippi is different; there are so many different places within that provide so many different views to the many people hiking through its dense forestry. There’s so much more to this natural beauty than you think; it all depends on where you are and what perspective you are given. It’s up to you to try to gain as much perspective as possible, so you can see the full picture, the full beauty, and the full story to wherever you are.

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