My Writing is lost in Medium

Few days ago, I lost my whole writing. I finished writing and scheduled to be published in 7hrs. Then I quit my browser.

When I double-checked in few minutes, I found out my whole writing is gone. There is writing in 3hrs ago, which is just a few sentence when I start writing. Furthermore, there is no writing in revision history.

I am deeply disappointed and e-mail to CS team, but failed to find out what is the exact problem.

I have no strength to write again and very dissapointed with Medium Medium Engineering

I found out the error. There is saving error in Safari Browsor (Mac Air). Moreover, the recent revision history is ‘3days’. I write this draft since 3hrs ago. That’s why there is not even revision history.

Saving Error with lost revision history

I rewrite the post anyway. It was a painful work to remember.

Anyway, Medium Support Team tried hard to find-out. Thanks for Greg Gueldner for your efforts.

I really hope Medium Engineering eventually fix it. It was serious for me that I really consider migrating to wordpress, github or brunch.