Welcoming Amy Thibodeau to YoungLeaders’ Board of Directors

Amy Thibodeau, YoungLeaders’ New Board Member, @amythibodeau

We deeply believe that real education is a liberation. We are building an 8 weeks program for teenagers to unleash their inner crazy genius, to learn by building products, and to live memorable experiences. We are also building a software product to highly individualize the learning experience. But, we are still in the early stages of learning how to deliver unique value to daring genius teenagers through mentorship, guidance, and now, technology.

For this reason, YoungLeaders is thrilled to welcome Amy Thibodeau to our Board of Directors. Amy is a pioneer content strategist and UX expert, and a listed inventor on a US patent. She has a formidable history of not only designing with words but also teaching unconventionally and building impactful teams.

As one of the first members of the Facebook content strategy team in the Valley, Amy helped establish and grow the team into the powerhouse it is today. Afterward, she was the first content strategist of Facebook in London. On the side, Amy built and taught a UX course to startups. At Shopify, she first led the launch of Shopify’s design systems Polaris. Today, Amy is the Director of UX for Shopify’s App and Partner Platform. She leads a team of designers, content strategists, and user researchers.

We are confident that with Amy’s help, we have much higher chances of building a revolutionary product and coming up with an idiosyncratic invention.

We look forward to working with Amy on our mission to liberate teenagers to unleash their inner crazy genius and to dare to create.