YoungLeaders’ 2nd Cohort Lead Mentors

Jun 25 · 2 min read

YoungLeaders’ mission is to guide you (teenagers) to unleash your inner crazy genius and dare to create. Mentorship is a key component of this guidance. In an information era, knowledge is the new commodity. The challenging part is filtering knowledge, detecting the signal in the noise, and staying focused.

We believe that mentors can guide teams to save time and not derail on slippery slopes, but instead take the road less traveled.

Thanks to mentors’ generous time, our first cohort was a stunning success. Today, the teams are kicking ass: raised money, won scientific awards, and are penetrating their markets. Here is a recap video.

For this reason, YoungLeaders is taking the responsibility to hand-pick mentors to guide you through your journey. We are extremely proud and humbled to have:

Mathieu Perreault

Mathieu is an Engineering Manager working on Google Chrome, managing teams that are shipping smart and relevant software features for billions of users. Concretely, Mathieu manages several feature teams working to transform how users discover and share high-quality, diverse and interesting content from the open web.

Nicole Lai

Nicole is a Partner Associate at Real Ventures, an early-stage tech VC firm backing entrepreneurs building innovative tech companies that will have large-scale positive impacts on society. With experience in neuro-oncology and a passion for the intersection of science and technology, she is excited to discover high-tech solutions that will help advance healthcare. Nicole graduated from McGill University with a Masters of Science in Neuroscience, researching the molecular mechanism of invasion in glioblastoma. During her Masters, she also completed a fellowship in McGill’s Office of Innovation to help build an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem under the mandate of the Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives Initiative.

Richard Btaiche

Richard is a Senior Product Manager at Shopify the world’s leading multi-channel commerce platform for small and medium-sized businesses. Previously, Richard co-founded and sold two startups for online ordering and reservations for restaurants. He received exceptional mentoring from the Canadian Technology Accelerator in New York City and was part of the 2012 Founder Fuel Cohort in Montreal.

We strongly believe that Richard, Nicole, and Mathieu will make a huge impact on your life and guide you to achieve your full potential.

Sincerely yours,

The YoungLeaders Team 🚀


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Guiding teenagers to unleash their inner crazy genius and dare to create 🚀

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