YoungLeaders Partners with Lufa Farms

Jun 28 Β· 1 min read

At YoungLeaders, we want you to become more responsible, healthy, and autonomous individuals.

We are super excited to share with you an idiosyncratic partnership with Lufa Farms.

Lufa is revolutionizing the way people shop for food and think about cooking. They built a first large (31,000 sq ft) rooftop greenhouse in early 2011 atop a Montreal warehouse designated as their headquarters. Since then, they have built multiple rooftop greenhouses and ship food baskets to thousands of people on a weekly basis.

What we specifically love about partnering with Lufa is the autonomy and the well-being awareness that you will develop: you will have to shop and manage what to cook for the week and order it online. This aligns perfectly with the principles of YoungLeaders.

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