YoungLeaders partners with Startupfest 2019 🎪

Jun 26 · 2 min read

We are partnering up with Startupfest 2019. More than just world-class content and a global attendee base, Startupfest is known for rethinking the standard event format. Crowned “a music festival for startups” by Reddit Founder Alexis Ohanian, Startupfest gathers over 6000 attendees.

You will have the chance to live the Startupfest experience.

Here are some reasons why we thought Startupfest could be fruitful for you:

Out of your bubble

Most often, founders are in their own bubble and build products based on their own beliefs. Startupfest is an opportunity to get out of the bubble and see what the world thinks of your ideas.


Good ideas often evolve. After around a week in, we want you to get some sort of customer or public validation. We want you to build something people actually want. Startupfest gives you a sense of general public validation. We hope that you meet as many people and get as much feedback as possible.


While we may be helping you in developing your professional circles, you also ought to learn to develop your own circles and to be autonomous. This is an opportunity for you to independently build your own network.

Social skills

At Youngleaders, we value emotional intelligence and we want to develop more self-aware humans. Startupfest is a great opportunity to put your social skills in practice and get out of your comfort zone.

HackerFest 2019

Startupfest ends with something they call HackerFest.

HackerFest is an outdoor, multi-topic, innovation marathon for developers, designers, inventors, and all-around creators.

After collecting feedback and speaking with people, you will spend a night in a super cool environment building the first version of your product. This is a time-boxed activity that we believe will load you to start building with a fast momentum.

YoungLeaders Winning at HackerFest 2017

We look forward to seeing the outcome that will result out of this partnership!

Yours sincerely,

The YoungLeaders Team 🚀


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