What is a Youngling?

According to Star Wars fans, a Youngling is a Force-sensitive child recruited by the Jedi Order. According to the dictionary, a Youngling is simply a young person. To Barclays Aliens, Younglings are not much different: they’re young people interested in the creation of out-of-this-world technology and software development.

The Younglings Program is an innovative program run by Barclays Aliens that seeks to find young people interested in technology, develop their technical ability, and match them with a job at Aliens or another leading company in South Africa.

Through the Younglings Program, students learn industry relevant, in-demand software engineering tools like Java and JavaScript, in addition to the soft skills that will help them excel in the workplace.

The Younglings Program is passionate about developing technical talent here in South Africa, expanding meaningful work to all people with the right combination of aptitude and attitude. The goal is to teach the technologists of tomorrow.

The Younglings’ life-cycle in the program looks something like this:

Younglings’ Journey after Matriculation

In the current cohort, there are 15 inspired and inspiring individuals. They range from 18–23 years of age, come from diverse backgrounds, and have various interests ranging from taking candid photographs to intense video gaming.

These are some of the responses gathered when the Younglings were posed with the question: What is a Youngling?

“A person who is being trained for something great — in this case within the professional setting.”

“A young Alien.”

“Someone working against the odds in a non-traditional way.”


“Diverse. Humorous. Fresh.”

“Courageous and willing to take a chance that most people wouldn’t.”

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