Blog Post #7:

As I said before people may believe that these student athletes may not be receiving the best education. There’s a lot of questioning about the educational attainment for these student athletes. But the numbers speak for itself. Numbers don’t lie. To say these kids aren’t receiving a good education is an understatement.

These student athletes are going to the top prestigious schools in the world. Most of these student athletes are actually receiving the best of the best. It’s student athletes who are attending schools like Stanford for example which we know is one of the most prestigious and best universities in the United States. If you believe that a student athlete isn’t receiving a phenomenal education at a school like Stanford, then you’re absurd. To say these student athletes aren’t receiving an actual education is unfair and in most cases an understatement.

The NCAA can claim that these student athletes’ graduation rates are climbing which means more athletes are graduating every year. They can actually say that these kids are playing a big role in their classrooms and being very dominant in these classes. Statistics show that student-athletes outperform their peers in these classrooms. It shows that the federal rate for Division 1 student-athletes rose to 67 percent, the highest rate ever. The most federal rate for a student body remains flat at 65 percent, which means these student athletes are performing in the classroom. More student athletes than ever are earning their degrees; with these statistics how can you say these kids aren’t getting a good education. Their academic success speaks for itself. These kids have eligibility standards and most of them are not settling for it but perhaps taking the initiative to raise the bar. Most of these athlete’s academic success is phenomenal to say the least. You have to remember these students are still athletes at the end of the day. They’re very busy and it’s not easy to attain their daily schedule. So you have to realistically cut give them some type of credit to manage their sport and to excel in the classroom which isn’t easy I’m quite sure.

Graduation rates on the rise

These student athletes are increasing and maintaining academic success across all sports according to latest NCAA Academic Progress Rate. These athletes are continuing success much rather than just in their sports but more importantly the classroom. The most recent APR (Academic Progress Report) is at a 974. NCAA President Mark Emmert states, “These are strong and meaningful academic standards, and we are pleased to witness the continued improvement of student-athletes’ academic performance,” Emmert said. “The NCAA and its member schools believe in supporting success both on and off the playing the field. As educators, we must continue to embrace our role in providing the necessary skills to continue this high achievement.” So the NCAA propels these student-athletes to be great educators. I’m sure these professors also inspire and motivate these student-athletes as well. So tobelieve these athletes aren’t getting a good education is ridiculous. The numbers show that these kids are actively making progress every year and its only getting better the NCAA would argue. These students-athletes will continue to stay persistent and continue being educators and progress.

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