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My topic I will be covering is about College Athletics. The question about if they should be paid as college athletes is always debated. So I will be talking about if they should get paid as college athletes or if they shouldn’t get paid. Many people agree that they should and others disagree which makes it a very interesting topic. My current state about the topic is neutral. After I do more research I may agree or I may disagree, or I can say I support both sides. This topic is mainly attracts people who watch or play sports because that’s what it contains. It’s important to them because in most cases some people feel these hard working athletes should be getting paid and that it’s unfair to not pay these kids. And also it’s many players out there that feel this is important these kids want a salary for their services so I’m sure it’s very important for them also. What people don’t know is the NCAA makes over a billion dollars year in year out off these players. Most of these kids are being televised, selling jerseys, video games, selling out stadiums and more. Crazy part about it is the NCAA makes more money than the NBA and NFL. And aren’t those players in the NBA and NFL getting paid? So the NCAA market power is outstanding and these kids aren’t getting their cut nor fair share. And what people don’t know is only a few college players are on scholarships not the whole team. Which means some players are getting supported while the rest isn’t. That’s not fair. If you pay all these players they will be able to take care of themselves. Most of these players can’t support themselves nor their families but they’re on these basketball courts, baseball fields, and football fields putting their important lives on the line for a program who won’t even care to pay them. At the end of the day beyond the sports they still need school right? Most of these kids can get paid of sports and help pay for their own education since most of these kids aren’t on scholarships right? That sounds pretty clever to me. So precisely these kids are being branded. In most cases you don’t have to pay these kids more than what their worth but something would be helpful I’m sure. Of course you shouldn’t pay these kids millions of dollars but thousands sounds about right because it can help them out in numerous ways and their actually worth because they’re entertaining and talented. My question I would love to get answered is why don’t they pay these kids? This topic has been around for years. Why haven’t there been any motion? And why haven’t his issue been issued on a bigger platform? And what’s hard about giving these kids a fair share? These are just my questions. Hopefully as I do more research I can get a vivid understanding on why they wouldn’t pay these kids. It’s probably something bigger in the air that I might not understand but I will after further research.

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