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As you know this topic will always be headlining in the sports world. I’ve been doing more and more research about it and there’s plenty blogs still talking about the controversy topic. I came across an article that was pretty interesting. It offered a lot to talk about. In a article by Allison Schrager they believe paying college won’t solve the problem with college sports. That’s a pretty interesting statement. As I continued to read the article he stated “No doubt student athletes aren’t getting what they deserve. But I don’t believe paying them is the best solution. In fact, it may actually do more harm, because it gives universities permission to continue to short-change athletes on the most valuable compensation they get: their education.” In my opinion that’s a pretty bold statement. But it actually makes a lot of sense. I feel these athletes should be getting paid but at the same time may not be the best idea because it may get in the way of their education and at the end of the day that’s why they’re there to get their education first then be student athletes so when there’s money involved it can side track the educational model and that wouldn’t be so great.

In an recent article about college athletes by Zach Borutski and Cameron Lewis they talked about why they college athletes should be compensated. In the article it states “If this really was all about amateurism and the love of the game, coaches and athletic directors wouldn’t be raking in millions of dollars per year thanks to lucrative television and sponsorship deals. That money would be reinvested back in the schools. But instead, in 40 states in the U.S. a college football or basketball coach is the highest paid public government official.” Honestly, this is information I didn’t know about but I feel if they’re getting laid more than the players that is pretty unfair in a way. If that’s the case I mean these kids can get something if they’re the ones putting in all that work. According to Forbes, the average D1 athlete dedicates roughly 43 hours of time per week to their sport, which is comparable to that of a typical work week. So honestly in most cases I guess you can pay these kids something. It doesn’t have to be much to where it’ll be problems but something would be cool because scholarships won’t cut it.

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