This article could be just an advertisement. I might be telling just bullshit. when I wanted to start thinking about this idea, I looks so much an idealist.

However, when I made the prototype of my idea in Meteor Hackathon 2015, The dream doesn’t seem like a dream anymore. The people in that spot mostly agreed with my voting based Social System.

The Birth of

The main goal is that like facebook’s like buttons in any website, my voting finger exists anywhere. The Disqus which is comments implement system, is exactly what I to be like.

People implement voting system in their website using the API offer not only individual, also company like Samsung could create their official team (the Team System in and voting room for their newest device for survey.

The Problem left

Interesting thing when I run this service is that I do not need much of money to run servers or wage yet, because I am the developer dealing with all needs.

The problem is the technology I am using. the Meteor is quite expensive to run, but giving great user experience due to 3-way data-binding and also giving me a happiness when I am write Meteor sources for the easiness of Meteor.

I may want to get some investment in near future, the big picture I am drawing is quite simple but immense.

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