They ask, Where are the fighting slave movies? Where are the movies about the rebellious slaves, the slaves who looked master in the eye, the slaves who would rather die than let his wife get beaten and raped? If you are one of those people, then NATE PARKER'S BIRTH OF A NATION is the movie you want to see.

The film itself was placed in the Sundance film festival and was bought by a production company for 17 million dollars. To be a Black slave film, that’s a tremendous amount of funds, hell, for any film that’s a lot just from a film festival screening. It was then talk about it being a shoe in for an oscar nod. Nate Parker, the films producer and lead actor has played multiple roles, possibly his biggest part came in portraying Henry Lowe, from Denzel Washington’s Great Debaters.

In Nate Parker's current role, Nat Turner, the film opens on a young Nat Turner walking in the woods in some type of symbolism of his path to come. The movie really doesn't take off until we see the young Nate transform into a young adult and is preaching in a make shift church on his master's plantation. As a slave, Nat Turner himself seem to be disciplined and obedient as most slaves were. His rebelliousness came into play only when he himself was beaten and received lashes from the whip of his master. Before this part in the film takes place the audience wonders where and why does the revolution takes place.

Births', focus was clearly on Nat Turner's rebellion and how the bible was instrumentally used to his upbringing and helped brainwash the slaves. Seeming that Nate Parker wrote, directed and produced the film, in addition to playing the main character, leaves me to wonder the depth of the film and the direction in which it was shot. I found the main thread of the film was his connection to the Bible. The revolution is widely known but not alot of facts about Nat Turner's person is publicized, even though reasons was peppered through the movie, it was not as much focus on the internal fight of Nat Turner one would expect.

Nate Parker played the role well, he came across believable and genuine in his role. The look of the movie is artsy in symbolisms and color. There was a dark tone to the film which if done on purpose was done well. Nate Parker if for no other reason should w get applause and accolades for making this movie and bringing some light contrary to the racist 1951 movie of Nat Turners life. This movie should be added to high school and college mandatory watch and write an essay list. In reason, to oppose and bring dialogue to what was and currently taught in The American school system. Through it all, the movie was enjoyable and did what good films are supposed to do, evoke emotion. 
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