Brathwait launches luxury ‘Swiss Made’ wristwatch to take on the biggest watch brands in the world.

1st September 2016

Startup company Brathwait launches luxury ‘Swiss Made’ wristwatch to take on the biggest watch brands in the world.

In an endeavour to keep challenging what has been considered the norm for decades, in an industry slow to move with the times, watch company Brathwait are upping their game by going head-to-head against the most conservative and closed part of the watchmaker industry; The world of Swiss Made timepieces.

It has taken them two years but Brathwait are now launching the watch founder Henrik Torp has been working on since their first release. The company already competes for the minimalist wristwatch market which has exploded online with the help of social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, but they now also compete with the well established luxury brands that are struggling to connect with fans on social media.

“We have expected something like this to come, a potential game changer for everyone. Brathwait is the first watch company to introduce transparency to the Swiss Made industry. It might just become the next big thing so we couldn’t pass on this opportunity”, says the Head of communications at Brathwait’s Swiss partner — That for the time being wishes to remain anonymous.

One thing that sets luxury watches apart is being associated with Switzerland. Brathwait have always used a Swiss Quartz Ronda movement in their classic slim model, but are now applying transparency to Swiss Automatic movements as well.

“Henrik doesn’t know anything about “the norms and traditions” of the Swiss world so he doesn’t follow them, he just does whatever he thinks makes sense. It may seem ignorant, especially to those within the industry. Once Henrik applies transparent pricing to the Swiss Made label a lot of companies and their practices are going to be questioned”

Some of the world’s most skilled watchmakers are working with Brathwait. On Friday the 2nd of September Brathwait will launch their own Swiss Made, Swiss Movement watch at a price they consider to be fair, or to put it another way, without the luxury markup. The Company has been transparent with their prices from the get go and continue to offer timepieces which are unprecedented and with unrivalled consumer value.

The new watch will come with the utmost precision and care. Directly from La Chaux-de-Fonds, the heart of Swiss Made timepieces.

Henrik Torp — Founder and CEO

“By pulling back the curtains, we’re aiming to do away with industry short-cuts and cheap solutions. This commitment doesn’t maximise our profits, nor does it make us the fastest growing company, quite the contrary. But we believe that values like honesty, transparency and altruism are desperately needed nowadays, and that these are a foundation worth building a company upon.”


Brathwait create wristwatches dedicated to Richard Brathwait, the world’s first Gentleman and author of “The English Gentleman” in 1631.

With an honest look and modern take on watch making Brathwait sells its luxury wristwatches directly to consumers online without the luxury mark-up, with standard free shipping (and returns) worldwide, and also offering a try before you keep policy. Pricing starts at just $150.


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