Why I Am Voting for Hillary Clinton; The Smell of Napalm the Morning of November 9, 2016
Jerry Saltz

Bernie Sanders has enough qualities to support his candidacy for president without the need to tear his opponents down:

1. He polls strongly amongst the youth, Asian-Americans, LGBT voters, whites and growing in support amongst other POCs.

2. Sanders voted against the Iraq war — HUGE. One of the worst decisions made in recent US history, which many other Dems supported. It has prolonged the turmoils of global instability and America’s standing in the world.

3. He supports Senator Warren’s reform agenda for big banks. The big banks led our nation’s financial collapse. By allowing taxpayers to bail out the banks, they’ve consolidated power and learned nothing from the 2008 debacle they created. We should’ve followed the model of Iceland, which allowed their banks to fail and recover their economy. Sanders is on the right side of history in this matter and will continue to push for reform.

4. He is the strongest advocate of the widening income/wealth gap. This is mathematically an exponential problem every decade. As common sense shows, those with resources and power will continue to accrue more wealth and political capital. Bernie wants to reverse this trend — it may not happen in wide-sweeping changes overnight, but he is willing to face this battle. Someone has to start the trickle in the right direction.

5. He is proven to support civil rights, women’s rights, African Americans (he listened to criticisms of Black Lives Matter and staffed up his inner circle with people of color), LGBT rights, and critically, he supported many of these social issues at a time when they were widely unpopular. As an independent, he does not vote with the wind.

6. Bernie can beat the extreme Republicans that have bloomed this season. His voice appeals to the middle-class, poor, dis-enfrancished, debt-crunched Americans that are..MOST of the people in this country! The Republican candidate that emerges will have wealth and power at their disposal, but most of our population will not have similarly aligned values. Bernie can win.

7. Bernie is old, but he shows that he has vigor and a lot of life left in him. He has the energy and experience. He has proven himself in Congress and in debates with more seasoned politicians. He intimated that he would choose Elizabeth Warren as his running mate. What a dream that would be!

8. Bernie sets the bar very high on specific issues, most likely knowing that all those cannot be reached (See: Obama), but he is communicating his values, which will translate into very powerful executive powers. See all the changes that Obama have implemented in his final years as president. Bernie will also score some late reforms while nominating judicial allies that share his goals.

9. Bernie is free from personal and political scandals. He will be harder to take down by Republican contenders. He has no secondary businesses / foundations / holdings that can be scrutinized. He has the ability to communicate the difference between hardline socialism and a socialist democracy.

Bernie can win the presidency if we give him the opportunity to try!

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