Answers to Roubini, “Dr. Doom”

New York University professor “Doctor Doom” Roubini has repeatedly sending pessimistic warning messages about cryptocurrencies on twitter. According to him, 99% of the coins in the crypto market at present are “shitcoins”.

“Cryptography is more centralized than North Korea, and the decentralization of the cipher money is myth, and the Gini coefficient of the Bitcoin (BTC) will probably be higher than that of North Korea.Cryptographic money surpasses North Korea in terms of centralization and inequality. “

The cryptographic industry is trying to ignore him, but his arguments are mostly valid from many aspects. We at EcoVerse(tm) team, the author leads, defined the problem, largely coincides with Dr. Doom’s, as “expected self-destruction (or lack of self-sustainability) of cryptocurrencies”. We have tried to find solutions by applying theories several different disciplines: information technology, economics, philosophy, and socio-psychology. Now, we believe the correct answers are made. So we incorporated them in the EcoVerse(tm) platform.

The following is a video clip explaining EcoVerse(tm). Please click the link below.