The secret to growing a small business quickly is in automation. Is your business ready to take your marketing on autopilot?

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Choosing the best marketing automation software becomes challenging for you as a small business when your budget is tethered.

Or, if you think your business is small enough to be marketed manually.

Or, if your customers walk into your store and you never needed to meet them digitally.

But your…

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It cost me 2 years of what no child should go through.

I have beautiful cursive handwriting. No, I am not writing about it to brag or blow my own trumpet. But to share how I got there and what price I had to pay for it.

My mother was my first teacher. Before she sent me to kindergarten, she made sure…

Come, let’s look for her.

Saira was so glad to finally travel with her mom. It had been forever since they had taken a trip together.

They were travelling to France for a two week holiday.

Saira spoke animatedly to her mom in the car while they rode an Uber. …

How hard is it, to bridge normalcy among the folks you live with?

My brother once had this quote as his Whatsapp status for a long while:

What’s normal to a spider, is chaos for a fly.

He did not change it for a long time. I often, out of force of habit, re-read this. Many, many times. …

And a mass from the society including some leaders, believe that rape is a woman’s fault.

Image courtesy: Twitter

This is Daniel Shravan, a small-time filmmaker in the Telugu cinema in India. He made a series of posts on social media recently, saying that ‘rape is not a serious thing, but murder is inexcusable’ adding that ‘the Indian government should legalize rape without violence for the safety of women.’

Binge read too many thriller books and this is what it does to you, in teenage

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One unread email. Ding.

Yahoo! mailbox opened, painstakingly. It were the dial-up internet connection days.

A 13 year old me was excited beyond belief. I had received a new email, in my empty inbox, which I checked daily. My class at school and I, had created cool sounding email address.

A vacation for making babies — the horror of Desi marriages

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Why do people get married? To have a long loving life, together, growing as a couple into a family.

It is that simple.

People, are not like machines though. They cannot be programmed to walk straight on a cut out path. Hence, the sideways.

In those sideways, there are dark…

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Life tests us in unique ways. Can we bring in patience to endure the time? And how is patience called Gracious?

My father told me when I was very little, that Allah always answers the prayers of anyone who genuinely asks.

At that time, I did not have anything really very drastic in my life that I needed answers for, except for regular kids dreams of a lot of toys and…

This happened to me

Now I am determined to climb out of it.

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On Tuesday afternoon, I was holding my baby and walking to the school to get my other kids. Snow flakes hit my whole face at the speed of pelting stones. Halfway through, my baby suddenly stopped fussing, turned completely red and stopped moving. He wasn’t blinking. I almost gave up…

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