Bus, People, Dogs and a Black Hole.

I’m in a public bus listening to "Jesus for the Jugular - Nux Vomica" by The Veils on my Google Nexus 5X. The bus has stopped in the middle of the road, blocking it completely, leaving the other traffic immobile. Cursing they are, beneath their breaths, the driver doesn’t care. While glancing out of the bus window, I see people. Walking, talking, smiling, shopping, oogling, working, selling. I look at their lips and they are just moving. I can’t hear their sounds or of bustle of the busy market. It feels funny looking at people while they are talking and not hearing their sounds at all. I see a dog with its snout almost touching the road, smelling something. I watch the dog while it disappears behind a car. I wonder what the dog was thinking the whole time. I wonder what a dog’s thoughts are. A group of people are struggling to board the bus. I don’t know what the hell are they thinking. Should we board the bus or not! C’mon! Meh! Don’t care. They boarded finally. The bus has started moving. Slowly. Snailing through the busy market. Now the people walking on the road seem furious. I don’t know why. When the bus wasn’t moving they were angry, now the bus is moving they are still angry. Why the hell! It’s a starless night. Streetlights shinning brightly. The fog is bathed in bright lights of streetlights. It seems eerie. Again a dog is running perpendicularly away for the running bus and it stopped. Looking at a hedge wall, the dog thought it came out of nowhere. I guess. I lost the sight of the dog. It would have been fun watching what would it do next. The bus is overflowing with the passengers. The bus is so densely packed, I fear the gravitational pull of the people might create a mini-blackhole. The bus conductor is a guy of small stature with his small eyes searching diligently for the passengers. All of a sudden the bus stops outside a hospital. The stench. OMG! Someone just breathed on my face. The breath was really evil. It took me through all the seven hellish levels of Dante’s inferno. My God! I wonder what happened to the dogs I saw earlier. It’s cold during the nights. Where and how do they sleep? It makes me sad! Forlorn. Outside the window are trees and houses painted against the black sky. It’s black. Literally black. Except for a few bright dots which are not stars. Far away on some hill some lights glowing. Maybe. Or maybe they are apparitions. Watching everything. I wonder what happened to those dogs. The bus passes by a park. It’s empty. With some park lights shining dimly giving the park a ghostly feel. Maybe it’s haunted! What happened to those dogs, I wonder! Our bus has not yet transformed into a black hole. Thank the Lord. I’m about to reach my home. What if the bus crashes when I am so close to my home. What happened with those dogs, I’ll never know.

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