The purpose and raison d’être of this 3-minute write-up is to highlight and enumerate some of the nonsensical and moronic subjects(conceptual hints provided here only) taught in all (not most, ALL) of the universities and colleges of my hometown (Kashmir). The language may seem a bit harsh for some but I assure you carbon is subjected to unimaginable pressure before we get diamonds, albeit it rains diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter. If someone is suffering from the problem of bad breath, it is usually recommended for him to take some breath mints. Usually Halls XS is used which has a cooling intensity of 4 on the Wilkinson Sword scale of breath mint coolness.However, people also use Petstages Fresh Mint Stick (This is in no way concerned with ads of these products). This reflects the fact that there are many solutions to a given problem. Some are efficient while others are sloppy. However, the universities and colleges of Kashmir seems to always use the sloppy solution to a problem. The problem here I’m concerned with is related to the CS syllabus of universities and colleges.

People Don’t care about what spread spectrum technique is used in IEEE 802.11 WLAN. No one cares what happens to the output of a charge-coupled device (CCD) of camcorder. People aren’t really into what CMMI level of a particular software organization is (This is reflected from the fact that during interview almost no candidate asks about the CMMI level of the company he is applying for). It is moronic if you use Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA just like a plain text editor and don’t use its several handy features that make programmer’s life easy. No one cares about what’s the IEEE format of an SRS document. No one gives a damn about what a WAP push does and what XML files are processed by a Universal PnP driver. People are already overwhelmed when they are “forced”to calculate a sender’s CRC polynomial during an exam which, in practice, are calculated by processors like Intel Haswell family and AMD Barcelona.

People DO care about what happens to the performance when a pipeline gets stalled due to some data dependencies and other hazards. People go crazy if their cache design and caching algorithm is causing too many misses. People do care if processes cause a kernel deadlock.Everybody cares if they can design an efficient algorithm for calculating the maximum number of airplanes in an airplane hanger without sorting their arrival and departure times. People are very much interested if they understand and implement a Bloom Filter with Haskell. Everyone wants to know how to model a random process (for instance, calculating the optimal number of urinals in a washroom given the total number of males using the facility) using the Monte Carlo method. Everybody wants to know whether it is possible to prove the existence of God using Baye’s theorem which can convert atheists.The whole world is waiting for a unified data mining framework just like the “Theory of Everything” and String Theory of the Nature.The world will be a better place if an n-qubit molecule of pentafluoro-butadienyl cyclopentadienyl-dicarbonyl-iron complex could be designed for the quantum factoring of any number and not just 15.

Unfortunately, our universities here focuses specially and cares about those things “people-don’t-care-about”. This is reflected directly from the syllabus of CS departments. Instead of focusing on the foundations of computer science and IT, they laser-focus on how to use Adobe Photoshop’s lasso tool. The subjects which are the foundations and form the blood-stone of computing are kept as “electives”. Algorithms, the Theory of Computation,Compiler design, AI & ANN, data mining and many more are lost in the last pages of my copy of syllabus. This is really unfortunate and moronic of whoever framed the syllabus. Rest assured UGC norms don’t prevent to change syllabus. This is reflected from the following nonsensical decision. The combination of subjects which are considered to be fungible is absolutely evil and mocks at the notion of subject commutability. Like replacing “Data Structures in C” with “C and C++ programming” doesn’t make any sense. It is high time that the pedagogic people who frame the syllabus wake up unless, horrendously, the students graduating from these universities answer at their interviews as “the complexity of algorithm changes with a change in the machine” and “Facebook and Google uses PHP”.