YOUnited betting & gaming platform is disrupting the market

There are many areas where the technology of blockchain is being disruptive. Its fundamental features bring innovations not only to the fintech industry, but they even re-define other sectors including the one of gambling which is growing year by year. However only YOUnited brings true revolution turning the industry inside out.

Even though the market share of online gambling area currently represents less than 10% of the whole industry, it is rapidly growing. Blockchain technology accelerates this evolution due to the fact it brings principles of transparency and openness. However, there still has been an extensive room for improvements regarding fairness, since fairness is the key prerequisite most of gamblers are looking for. Gambling sector lacks transparency, higher security and suffers by high fees, low returns to players, and con odds.Players looking for a licensed and regulated online casino are left with little to choose from even if there are houses promising to run fair games in a transparent manner. However, is this really so?

Truly fair betting and gaming

Apart from some blockchain projects which strive for transparency and implementation of provably fair algorithms, there are almost none engaging the principle of fair gambling the way YOUnited has done.

YOUnited is developing a revolutionary betting and gaming system which is based on its own gaming protocol. It is going to change the heart of the industry by consistent implementation of

· provable fair algorithm (without casino seed number for any bet);

· a zero house edge model (advantage of casino over the player exceeds >5% ensuring that gambling operators keep making profit), since there is nothing like a house — YOUnited is a platform composed only of gamesters and bettors;

· instant payouts without any cunning delays;

· 100% return to player from each finished game — 1% transaction fee is paid by the winner(s)

· transparency provided by the blockchain technology.

The very essence of YOUnited is the idea that a player competes against other player(s), not against the house resulting in the fact that every single game has a winner(s) among the players while playing his/her favorite games. YOUnited is thus turning the classic (online) casino inside out by creating a truly fair gaming and betting system negating the role of the house. Since there is no house, there is zero house edge. Probability to win any game is 1 to the number of players participating in the given game. As a result, it gives each player higher and fair chances to win.

The blockchain technology enables to store immutable data (transactions) in a secure way and registration meets the latest and advanced authentication requirements including U2F and legal aspects like KYC.

Blockchain benefits

• Fast transactions on a blockchain — transactions take seconds only thanks to the latest delegated proof of stake protocol

• Truly low fees — 1% from the transaction on blockchain

• Instant payouts — YOUnited offers payouts without any delay unlike other casinos which hold the payout with the only aim to involve a winner in new bets,

• Transparency — blockchain provides transparency for every executed operation

• Modularity and high scalability over upper as well as lower layers of the blockchain with the goal to adapt the blockchain to the needs and requirements of the YOUnited platform

• Immutability of transactions — blockchain as such does not enable to alter, modify or manipulate stored data

• 100% anonymity while employing KYC processes assessing potential risks connected with stolen identity

• Auth server providing the highest security for the credentials

• Elimination of cheating

• Accessibility — blockchain technology allows for easy access without any physical border limitations.

The YOUnited betting & gaming platform provides all well-known casino games and lotteries as well as its own games. Moreover, any online gaming operators can run their service within the YOUnited gaming ecosystem. All these features make it one of the most attractive gaming platform on the market.

YOUnited social Betting & Gaming platform. The first truly and provably fair, decentralised solution with no house interaction. #YOUnited

YOUnited social Betting & Gaming platform. The first truly and provably fair, decentralised solution with no house interaction. #YOUnited