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Deciding where to go eat with a family or a group of friends can be daunting. Often everyone secretly knows where he or she would like to go, but no one wants to voice a choice. Or sometimes everyone in the group names a favorite, but then there is no way to choose among the options.

YouPick is a free app that helps friends and families agree on a place to eat.

YouPick is available for download in the Apple App Store™.

How to YouPick

A common problem for families and friends is agreeing on where to go eat. YouPick features two great ways to help any group pick a place. A user begins the decision process by selecting group members and inviting them all to name a place to eat. Wherever they are, all the guests can then privately name their preferences. The group will then immediately receive a random result or conduct a secret vote.

YouPick Team

Five Citadel guys, limited “leave time” and nobody can agree on where to go eat.

YouPick is a project of a group of friends in Charleston, South Carolina who didn’t know much about apps and got tired of telling each other, “I don’t know. You pick,” while trying to figure out where to go eat.

The team includes Steven Munoz, Townes Moore, Bob Algard, Scott Thomas and Zac Rutherford.

The developers were the amazing team at Savvy Apps.

“Our hope is to help friends and families avoid the awful waste of time involved in trying to decide where to go eat.”

– Bob Algard

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