Innovateurs vs. Dinosaures
Romain Pillard

Personally I am fighting against pedophiles we leaders and benefiting from protection in our system, which is very bad for the image of the homosexual men mainly.

My former Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo that says homosexual, but is in fact a pedophile, taken in flagrant offences already in 1989 by two policemen near me, I have also been victims of such acts by a people knowing it who was also spent for a homosexual, the third time or he got caught, because these protections the father of the young came firing riot gun.

But it is a global scourges, in France we have Daniel Cohn-Bendite who him molest girls and found beautiful eyes of children 6 years when he put naked before them, there is also a video on you tube about here is the link

In England it is a military policeman attached to the custody of the Queen who said ' we have of sufficient evidence to prosecute and detain both the Prime Minister and the Queen of England, "said Matt Taylor, former military policeman from her Majesty.

At home in the usa, there are Howard Gutman former Ambassador to Belgium who was also caught for sex acts on minors, by police officers in the park opposite the US Embassy.

This contributes to the way in which our people sees the homosexual community, but there is a way of even if they are a homosexual or pedophiles magnetic resonance. But doctors are not as many of them have these paedophile deviants!

Similarly if we use these magnetic resonances in righteousness in general it would of even that ment and who tells the truth because many police officers lie to us poorly or even eyes judges, I know this because I am victim at the moment also.

Effects I have been poisoned to amitriptyline at the age of thirteen, following a school phobia treatment of to several factors which one sexual assault, which has destroyed the liver, but doctors are still covered each other, following this treatment I do acetose attacks, the remedy of the Coca - Cola! but at no time review more push, it can also cause generalized fibrosis of the liver that, over time, can become a cancer.

I cared me with the medical cannabis prohibited to us and our doctors dislike this drugs that could already be used on me instead of amitriptyline, because they have never managed to find out that it happened and cannabis, would have me certainly help tell them because it has been used as the serum of truth you.

now he y an a little more than a month, I had the visit of the special brigade which has grabbed my culture material and my medication, I cracked in fact of all of my joints now, it is possible that metastases who went on but no way of knowing because doctors do not want me diagnosed following my support for medical cannabis which I defend.

For these reasons, an investigating judge requires me to go to a neurologist and a psychologist, if not they want to me imprisoned because I do for have to do deny me again, a fake suicide attempt, I have no desire to die, life is too beautiful and I love fight against this system spoils.

I established easily a cartels between justice, our policies and the medical world, this is application around the world, all three here against medical cannabis and Yes in my youth doctors went on vacation with the help of the drug manufacturer, which paid, one of my childhood friends went elsewhere with these parents in the usa like this his father was a representative for one of these firms...

This is how I is investing to defend homosexuals and my Indian hemp in Belgium and around the world, you can say like crazy but it is for good cause and if person does who will do it, it's been too long that we are victims of these criminals.

Thanks Miley for them, you are an angel on Earth

☮Peace, Love & Respect for all☮



PS: Sorry for my English my is a translator