How I Make Money From Home Over ($200) A Day

Hello, My name is Richie.

gI have been making money onlne from the comfort of my home for close to 4 years now. I am in love with the amount of time freedom that I now have. Being able to stay home with my wife and kids in my mid 20s is a blessing in itself. I am blessed enough to now have the freedom to help thers achive the same success that I have found. I plan on doing a HUGE giveaway if that interests you then read on.

How do I do it? Well the method is pretty simple I just do what works. Yeah, I know that sounds simple and lacks details but let me explain.

Getting to $200 a day online was a big milestone for me — everything changed.

Better yet, once you get to that earnings point, it just snowballs and all the effort you put in to getting to that 200 dollar a day milestone, builds momentum and takes on a life of it’s own… and continues to grow with virtually NO effort!

The easiest way to get to earning $200 a day online (and more) is…


Yes, start a blog!

It’s cheap, it’s fun, and it’s very profitable

5 steps to making $200 a day blogging

1: Start a blog. I recomemnd using, or as they are all free and easy to use

2: Join an affiliate network like, or All of these sites pay well and on time

3: Select a niche, Blog about something that you have a passion for. Examples: Weight loss, Health, Tech, Space or anything selse that you love that you can find an offer for within an affiliate network

4: Sekect an offer. Within the affiliate network that you have joined there will be offers. Choose one that works with your niche

5: Begin writing. This is the part where the fun comes in. Start writing. You can review products, Give advice or just write about the offer itself. Remmeber to use lots of keywords so that you can get organic search traffic.

Now traffic is key. You can share your blog on social media, Paid advertising and more in order to meet traffic needs. This is a simple and proven method as old as the internet itself. The only way to make it work is to try it out and stick to it. The reason people dont see esults i because of patience. Dont give up and you will be golden.