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5 min readFeb 7, 2023


The content demands in ecommerce and metaverse require a new way of supplying product pages with high quality content. Here is how YOUR enables online creators to help Web2 and Web3 marketplaces with building extensive product content to increase their ecommerce conversion rates.

From the moment the Covid pandemic hit, ecommerce took center stage. Physical stores developed their electronic store fronts as click and collect and delivery soared. In doing so, their mindsets moved from footfall, to web traffic and conversion rates.

As online commerce entered a new phase, the metaverse moved from being a fringe concern to the mainstream. When Roblox has 200 unique users a month, Fortnite can host a Travis Scott concert attended by 27 million players, and brands scrambled for metaverse real estate, the mainstream has caught up to the huge earning potential of online worlds.

Earning potential is one thing. But how do online shop fronts convert this mass interest into earning reality? Web3 stores often suffer from poor content, with sellers and brands dealing with a colossal demand for product content they are underprepared to fix.

Conversion rates rely on an intelligent sense of what customers think — the questions they have, and what they are looking for. Customers want to build their own story of what a product means for them. Online commerce has therefore discovered the crucial lesson that both quality and quantity of product content matter for conversion rates — wherever the product is placed. Up until today, this has meant the painstaking accumulation of assets by product teams, hoping that selling platforms will have access to that content where it is sold. And if they can’t use the official content, they may use whatever is to hand, or a reduced picture of what the product is about.

So how to make a rapid transition and provide product pages customers are looking for, and businesses need? How to convert ecommerce attention into better sales? We believe a crucial intervention can be made on product pages, using an ingenious method of buying high quality product content. For that purpose, we’ve put together this handy guide.

  1. Find high potentials

Webshops often have a huge product range but only a few products generate the most turnover. By analyzing your products you gain more knowledge about which products generate sales and why. More importantly, you’ll discover which products gain traffic but don’t convert. To start improving product pages on your webshop, select these products and look at the products with following metrics: low conversion rates (CR%), high bounce rates and low average time spent on page. The knowledge about these products plays an important first step in optimizing your webshop

In addition to analyzing your own products, you can look for products that are currently trending and popular. By looking at other e-commerce shops such as Amazon or using tools such as Google Trends and Amazon Suggest, you can quickly see which products (categories) have a lot of search volume.

2. Include popular products

Now you know which products are interesting to add and which you can possibly remove from your webshop. It can also be valuable to remove certain products that have no traffic and are outdated. Fewer products and a more convenient webshop layout ensures easier navigation for the consumer, which increases the user experience.

Discover which product selection will take you to your new growth phase and apply this knowledge. Once you decide how to renew your webshop, it is time for the next and final step.

3. Enrich products with content

Once webshops integrate these high potential products in their webshop, the product pages need to be filled with rich data to provide the customer with all necessary information to know about a product. Information could be provided in many shapes and sizes, such as unboxing videos, questions & answers, reviews or classic images. This variety in information ensures customers really know what they are buying.

Content-rich product pages put huge pressure on content teams, however. The need for quality usually entails expense, and as new store fronts emerge, it can be difficult to keep track of the many places where content is needed. This is where YOUR comes to play.

YOUR is a product content marketplace for physical as well as digital products. It’s a decentralized community full of content creators where unique and high-quality product information is delivered at scale. Integrating YOUR enables online retailers to improve their product pages which in turn will improve their conversion rates. You can think of YOUR as a Wikipedia for product content, if knowledge was monetized and contributors get paid for what they offer. Because the right incentives are in place for content creators, YOUR stands to serve both quality and quantity demands in both web 2 and web 3.

Benefits of YOUR

Decrease retailer costs

YOUR uses the newest blockchain technology to significantly decrease content creation costs. This is because sellers will only pay for content when visitors interact with their platform. Customers are also able to request the product content through a download in the right format for their webshop, or through an API in a “pay as you go” format.

YOUR is building with a technology that will keep the upfront costs also low. It’s only once users arrive, and the content starts working for you, that you need to pay. This makes YOUR an accessible option for new platforms and for new projects within more established ones.

Trusted, high quality product content

YOUR provides access to a diverse, innovative community that is incentivised to make your products sell. That means they offer the quality you need — but also may try approaches you may not have thought of yet.

Once uploaded to the marketplace, each piece of content is reviewed by the curators. This ensures no inaccurate or inappropriate content is uploaded. After this, the content is ready for sale in the marketplace.

Digital products

YOUR is the first product information marketplace to provide content for both digital and physical products. Currently, no such information marketplace exists for digital products — a key part of the experience and monetization of web3.

YOUR’s data could, for example, be used on webshops such as Decentraland and OpenSea, thus improving their conversion rates.

Discover the benefits

The rapid growth of the e-commerce transition requires a lot of time and money to create extensive product pages. YOUR provides unique and high-quality product content for your specific product range to integrate into your webshop — all with the aim of achieving high conversion rates. The revolutionary possibility to also download product content for digital products at YOUR makes YOUR unique and ensures that companies can describe products extensively in the new Web3. Start with a free sample on and discover the benefits for yourself.



YOUR AI Protocol

YOUR AI Protocol is the world's first AI-driven content layer for e-commerce built on Bitcoin and Solana.