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2 min readNov 18, 2022

Testnet is live! The first version of YOUR is ready for the worldwide community to create content at and earn money by doing so. Participate in the Bug Contest or become Creator of the Month. Don’t forget to create even more content around the Promoted Products to gather the most points. Ready to start creating?

Start exploring

After months of hard work we now launched YOUR testnet! YOUR is live for everyone around the world to explore. Start experiencing your.io by searching products and creating content.

Welcome to YOUR!

Creator of the Month

Create content and receive points for doing so. Get more chances of becoming creator of the month by creating content around the weekly promoted products. Curious? Find all information regarding the Creator of the Month on this page.

To learn more about creating extensive product content, consult the tips & tricks page. From adding images to shooting videos and from writing a review to create a complete product page, a guide is listed to provide the highest quality content.

Bug Contest

YOUR initiated a monthly Bug Contest to motivate the Testnet users to search for the bugs in the platform. Three people per month get the chance to get rewarded by testing the newest version of YOUR. As YOUR has a lot of dedicated community members, testers are really challenged to do their best to excel in this competition. Read more about the rules, instructions and rewards of the second Bug Contest here.

Join the YOUR community

After months of hard work, YOUR is proud to access the world to the platform. Only with the community YOUR is able to keep growing and build the future together with you. Want to become part of this? Follow YOUR on social media:

Welcome to YOUR

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YOUR AI Protocol

YOUR AI Protocol is the world's first AI-driven content layer for e-commerce built on Bitcoin and Solana.