Why aquarium maintenance is important

Aquariums and ponds are a stunning centrepiece to any home or office and we offer comprehensive maintenance packages to ensure your underwater world remains beautiful and healthy.

To keep aquarium looking beautiful, expert knowledge & regular maintenance is required and that is what we provide with our aquarium maintenance packages.

Regular Aquarium maintenance is an extremely important part of maintaining an amazing looking tank or pond and ensuring the optimum water quality for your fish to live in. This will allow, the fish to maintain better health and have a clean and safe environment to swim in. Aquarium plants and corals will also thrive and grow well in a well maintained tank with good water quality.

A key part of aquarium maintenance is the water change, which should be performed about every two to three weeks. In most cases, approximately 15% of the tank volume is sufficient.

A good method is to replace the water extracted while vacuuming the gravel or sand, which will eliminate uneaten foods and detritus that settle.

The biggest reason for changing the water regularly is to dilute pollutants that have built up over time. Filtration breaks down ammonia and nitrite into less harmful nitrate, but high levels of nitrate, can cause algae and may have an adverse effect on newly acclimatised fish. Very high levels of nitrate can kill fish, so the water change is essential.

We would always recommend that RO water is used in aquariums rather than tap water, and this is something we provide.

Filter maintenance is very essential to keep it working properly, and your fish healthy. Due to the task they carry out, they do become clogged and may even stop if not maintained and cleaned.

Maintaining other media, like sponges and filter wool, is also important. These should be cleaned and replaced in order to keep the water flow constant, and ensuring they are doing their job to keep everything filtered. However these should be cleaned using old tank water in order to ensure good bacteria remain.

All of these tasks can be carried out by Your Aquatics, and keep your Aquaria looking beautiful! (www.youraquatics.co.uk)