Blueprint of Deception

Andres Vincente
Nov 12, 2018 · 4 min read

Crypto is full of some of the most brilliant minds in the world, unfortunately just because someone is brilliant doesn’t mean they will put that brilliance to good use. We’ve all seen exit scam ICO’s, pump and dumps, trojan wallets, and manipulation. All require hype, and hype is easy to come in echo chambers like discord and twitter. Below I will outline a possible example or theory of some events that took place recently outlining how a scheme may work.

Every year Ripple hosts an event called SWELL. During that time hype builds as evidenced by google searches, twitter posts, and trading volumes heading into the billions. During this time period a large percentage of people believed XRP was going to $589 so the masses flocked which set the stage for who has possibly been identified as John-Karl Robbin to attempt to pull off a common ploy in the crypto-sphere. At first he made claims to be at Swell directly, going as far as to claim he was an XRP market maker running algorithms that would determine price. Making outrageous claims that Amazon would be partnering with Ripple and using XRP on his twitter building hype and followers by selling people exactly what they want to hear which is step 1. None of this was proven and his stories often changed being inconsistent and later deleting comments or changing information altogether. Eventually it would come unraveled.

He then offered premium calls for his newly formed discord which was step 2 charging .10 BTC for those calls and claiming that profits for his group exceeded 3.4 BTC in the short time it had been operating. By funneling followers into discord he could have direct access to his target audience where he could continue to build hype using clever graphics as a marketing tool. It becomes an echo chamber as most discords do as everyone mostly has the same goals and dreams which get reinforced by the leader. As more people follow, more people believe which builds momentum and therefore advertising.

Stage 3 was the launch of the ICO and smart contract based off an ERC20 Token for a wallet called the “HodlWallet” which was a play on words as the twitter was @hodlwithstyle using an existing brand to help gain recognition and further deceit. What use would a Cold/hot wallet have with tokens? Can you trust a wallet made by a 3rd party who is not reputable like Trezor or Ledger? Let alone one that has not proven his identity? It is very possible that this may have possibly ended up being an exit scam ICO and Trojan wallet based off the founders comments. Going as far as saying that Crypto needs exit scams, and no regulation in his own words. That is a red flag and should be for anyone considering investing. Ultimately the choice is yours.

Eventually he cancelled the link to his discord, and made his twitter handles private. Thus stopping the inflow of people into his discord and isolating his group from people possibly entering to alert people to the potential red flags that have been raised. If you have nothing to hide, why hide? Why are your handles hidden? Why is your discord now private? Why don’t you have a proven identity? What is it that you are hiding from? The truth..

It is possible that John had good intentions as I am not a mind reader. However I can only use the information available which was inconsistent stories, unproven claims, and questionable morals based on statements. He also has no proven experience with manufacturing Cold/Hot wallets. In addition his past is one that is dark if it is in fact John-Karl Robbin as it is clouded by previous scams. These are just my views and interpretations of what took place. Link here on some of his past.

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