Cosmetic Surgery, 3D Printing Style!

3D Printing is the all the rage nowadays . From people printing houses to legs, 3D Printing seems to be everywhere, but what about in the cosmetic surgery industry?

Now, we’re not talking about printing yourself a new nose, but MirrorMe3D is a company that will print a smaller version of yourself with the proposed cosmetic surgery so you can get an idea of what you will look like afterwards! Imagine being able to physically see your nose job or breast reduction before going under the knife! It is common practice today for a cosmetic surgeon to have a simulated picture of what you will look like on a computer, but being able to look at your new face from all angles could be the difference between loving your results and having cosmetic surgery regret.

“With as many as a third of all plastic surgery patients unhappy with their results, the new technology can give patients more realistic expectations.”

But how else is 3D printing revolutionizing the cosmetic industry? It’s helping a lot more than just people who don’t like the nose they were born with, but also with those who have suffered severe injuries! Doctors today are using 3D printers to help with facial reconstruction after traumatic experiences. For example, a teen in Phoenix, AZ was in a horrific car crash, literally crushing half of his face. The John C. Lincoln hospital was able to not only save his life, but printed him a new face to help him regain his confidence after his accident.

By doing it with 3D printing, what we’re doing is taking the mirror image of his opposite side and projecting that on the devastated side. It all looks nice and symmetric, which I’m happy with, his scars are diminishing in appearance.”

His face looks completely natural and it is almost impossible to tell which side was reconstructed besides some scarring.

“It’s a gnarly scar, but I can rock it”

We’re glad to hear that his confidence is back after his accident!

Another application for 3D Printing in the cosmetic surgery world is printing specific tools you need. Similar to how the astronauts on the International Space Station printed a wrench 2 years ago, Dr Kotlus in New York City is printing tools for blepharoplasty, including 3D printed eyelid wands and forceps. These 3D printed tools help gently mark with ink excess skin that needs to be removed in an eyelid, and each tool is under $50 a piece. Imagine being able to print yourself a new tool whenever you needed it for a specific patient!

As we move towards the future, we excitedly watch as the 3D printer is more involved in cosmetic surgery and maybe one day soon, you can print yourself a new nose!

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