Mabon or Autumnal Equinox

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Sep 18 · 3 min read

What is it?

Mabon, or the Autumnal Equinox, is the second time during the year when each 24 hours is perfectly divided between day and night. Lisa Lister, in her book Witch describes it as, “Whilst the Spring Equinox manifests the equilibrium before action, the Autumn Equinox represents the relaxation that comes after action. It’s time to take satisfaction in the work of the Summer and reap its benefits.”

It is time for gratitude and for harvest. The Spring Equinox was a time for planting seeds, and now it is time to harvest all those things we have been cultivating over the last six months.

Mabon is a time of gratitude and appreciation for all the abundance of the harvest and for the bounty the earth has provided us this year.

Mabon also recognizes the waning power of light and the change of the season as we head into the darkness of rebirth and of winter. Greek Goddesses Demeter and Persephone are connected to this time because it is the season where Persephone must descend back into the underworld to spend the winter with Hades.

It is a good time to reset and restore balance and harmony to your life as the light and dark are the same length today.

Symbols for Mabon:

Apples: apples are considered sacred in many cultures as a symbol of life, immortality, regeneration and wholeness. Use apples as a divination tool or to make apple cider as a magical drink.

Cornucopia: place your “horn of plenty” on your altar to attract prosperity. Fill with rosemary, sage, and other harvest items for good luck and set on your altar.

Divinations: For many cultures, the end of the harvest signals the end of the year before the rebirthing of the winter. The Norse believed that your fate for the coming year was sealed at this time. Have your cards read or find a runes reader to seek your fortune for the coming year.

Colors: anything representing the harvest — reds, yellows, oranges or browns

Ritual Ideas:

Harvest walk: Go out walking and harvest plants and herbs that you see (make sure to take only what you need!). Give thanks to Mother Earth for the bounty and abundance all around us.

Clearing out and completing: we are starting our descent into the underworld and darkness so it’s time to clear out or finish any undone projects or clean your house before winter.

Planting bulbs: planting seeds and bulbs so that they may lie dormant and sprout the next spring.

Balance Meditation: Mabon is about balance. The light and dark, within and without, as above, so below. Meditate on where you can restore some balance to your life.

Apple Magic: Cutting an apple in half will reveal a five pointed star, representing the elements, earth, fire, air, water, and spirit. After cutting, bless the apple and meditate on all that you’re grateful for this year. Bury in the earth the next day to complete the ritual.

Research and notes taken from:
Witch by Lisa Lister
Goddess and Greenman blog

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