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Marc Kirst, Brazil

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May 9 · 2 min read
Marc in San Francisco for Your Big Year

“YBY changed my life. My world view went global as never before through presencing a real network of people engaged and committed to devote one’s life to a new kind of world in which we define ourselves by our true and deep potentials instead of who we’ve been told we are. Get on board if you wanna liberate your deepest power.”

Marc is on a mission to inspire all youth to know themselves and find their potential. He launched his own youth engagement platform empowering youth in Brazil. “I realized that only a person with questions and the right tools, can effectively empower those who are around you”, he says.

Marc Kirst is those who like to deeply question the most common truths around us. Accustomed to think about questions such as “who am I?” And “What is my place in the world?” He is passionate about self-processes. When found he could share this passion with others and helps them to (try to) answer these questions, he created Prove a self-journey for young people in the Middle and Higher Education.

More than 2000 young people have participated in training sessions and more than 12 000 people have attended the lectures, but Prove wants to change the lives of many people yet.

Besides Brazil, Prove has conducted programs in the US, Portugal and Angola and its impact can be felt throughout the life of the participating students. There are several stories of young people who succeed in establishing channels of communication with parents, who decided to follow his dream and go to college in a different way and also who was in college and had a completely different view of their daily lives and their relationships. “We gain the ability, the opportunity and the possibility that once seemed very turbulent, of choosing authentically. Instead of choosing the right or wrong, choose your own way.”

Marc Kirst

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