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Ana Lacerda, Brazil

Your Big Year
May 22 · 3 min read
Ana working on designs

My Project: ANAVITA

Anavita! My partner Andy Clayton and I started an activewear company, with Brazilian roots, which we are very passionate about. The gear is uniquely designed by us in California, handmade in my hometown, in Brazil.

Co-founders, Ana and Andy in Brazil

What was your Inspiration?

We had a great desire to inspire people to pursue a healthier lifestyle, to make people feel better about themselves and live better. We saw a gap in the market and making fashionable, comfortable clothing that promotes exercising and an active lifestyle was the way we found to pursue our desire to inspire people.

What challenges have you faced?

There were many challenges when starting our business…

What you have found to be your best resources?

Where we are, there is a business development center. They are really great! They gave us a scholarship. They offer classes on how to start a business. Look locally! Look online, look up YouTube. There are cheap online classes. Ask me!

What advice do you have for your peers?

I would say something I heard recently from a random businessman I met at the airport that was great advice for me…. That you should always work very very hard, however, don’t stress too much about it, sometimes you have to wrap it up, chill and leave it for tomorrow.

Do you have any future projects or ideas?

Yes!! Many ideas and new designs for our upcoming collections. We are starting to work with more technologically savvy fabrics, ones that will be new to the market. Currently, we are working with a biodegradable technology. Working with an eco-friendly fabric is very exciting for us! We can’t wait to bring it to the people!

Your Big Year

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