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Your Big Year
Apr 23 · 3 min read

My Project: Organic For All

EN → English

My Inspiration

EN: My inspiration is working with something I believe in and being able to use this productive strength in order to change people’s lives.

My Biggest Challenge

EN: We are facing a series of complex structures that are already very rooted in society. Organic produce are only accessible to elites and only get to the richest zones of the cities; people’s misinformation since food contamination isn’t something visible; when speaking of prices, it isn’t easy to demonstrate to the majority of the population that there are environmental costs that aren’t being added to the cost of production with agrotoxics, specially on the long term; agribusiness’ structures of power are very strong and have economic and political foundations that aren’t going to be so easy to get rid of.

My Best Resources

EN: We are trying to participate in a mentorship process. Before that it was very useful reading inspiring stories, of initiatives that worked out and also talking to inspiring people.

My Advice to Peers

EN: If you really believe in what you are doing, it will work out!

Your Big Year

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