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Hellem Pedroso, Brazil

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Sep 4 · 2 min read
Hellem with the team of new fellows she mentored in starting Bloc’s NY 2018 Insitute

Startingbloc is a life-changing experience! I participated in the 5 days Institute in NYC in 2017, I have mentored in NYC in 2018, I have volunteered in DC in 2018 and all those experiences were absolutely amazing in their own way.

Startingbloc is a life-long fellowship, so once you get in you are a part of a community that will support you and that you will be able to be a part of, support and share life, challenges, knowledge and above all: experiences.

Hellem with the other mentors from Starting Bloc’s NY 2018 Institute

All the fellows I have met are incredible souls with not only soulful life experiences but also abundant in all resources, from wisdom to contacts, from knowledge to global and multicultural tips/suggestions and references. Startingbloc is for everyone, those in transition needing a safe place to experiment with their dreams, those stablished and certain of qhat they want in need of support to expand their ideas into the world and above all change-making leaders ready to live fully in their own unique way.

I recommend it constantly and am a firm believer that the more people go through Startingbloc, the better the world will be(meaning more equal, inclusive, culturally aware, self-aware and soulfully truthful.

Hellem facilitating a conversation with her team of new fellows by the Hudson River

How did you find out about Starting Bloc?

I found out about it through someone I met at International Connector. I joined because after years hearing this person telling me about it I coincidently found myself coming out of my sabbatical and looking for building community and meeting new people as I made decisions to make personal and professional changes in my life.

Starting Bloc, NY, 2018

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