How to Validate an Idea Without a Product

How do you truly validate an idea? How do you genuinely, unequivocally know the company you’re pouring your heart and sole into stands a fighting chance? Customer validation is considered imperative. You ask, listen, and subsequently change your product to their needs; right?

The truth is, potential users don’t care about the product. They dictate how they want the product to look and feel, but what they truly care about is the value you’re going to give them. So how do you know your idea stands a chance? You get your users to validate your value without them even knowing it.

Delivering value without actually having a product might be easier than you think. Products act as catalysts that enable us to experience value instantly. What if you take the catalyst out of the equation? Is your idea validated then?

On Thursday, Blurr announced itself to the Boston community at NEXPO. Our mission for the night was to sit back and watch. By sit back and watch we don’t mean literally sitting at our booth and watching people pass on by. Whilst answering questions and generating a buzz around campus, we sat back and watched as everyone at NEXPO validated our value, without them even knowing it.

Blurr aims to connect people by being in the same place at the same time. Never missing a memory again is what it’s all about. As NEXPO started and attendants were strolling in, we handed out disposable cameras to everyone who passed our booth.

The instructions were clear:

“Take pictures of your experience at NEXPO, leave us your email address, and drop off your camera before you leave.”

No further questions asked, no further instructions given. We added a life-size photo frame into the mix and sent out a couple ambassadors to take pictures while enjoying the event. As 3 hours passed, we witnessed everyone walking around and snapping picture after picture, creating an infectious buzz that made us the focal point of NEXPO. It was as if they almost didn’t want to miss a memory. Go figure…

As people were dropping off their cameras on the way out they kept asking:

“How can I see these photos?” and “Is there anywhere I can view these photos?”

Each time we replied:

“Wouldn’t it be cool if there was an app for that?”

To keep everyone from thinking we were sarcastic assholes, we then explained our motive. We told them the next morning we’re going to develop all the pictures and throw them up on a website for everyone to view. We could almost hear the idea click: all the memories in real-time, plus multiple vantage points from everyone who was there at the same time- now that’s a good idea!

We successfully took the catalyst out of the equation and saw what we wanted to see. We delivered the value of our product without actually having the product.

It’s safe to say we’re really excited….

-The Blurr Team

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