H. Nemesis Nyx

Hi there, we’ve prepared a Partner FAQ which covers some of the questions you’re posing here. For more information, you can read the whole document here:

And for your convenience, here are the questions related to publications.

What about publications?

A select group of Medium publications have been invited to participate in the Partner Program to start. This means that these publications will be able to lock posts and receive payment for engagement on those posts.

What happens when a publication locks a post?

The owner of a Medium publication has the ability to lock posts in that publication. The publication owner account will receive revenue related to any locked post in the publication. It is the responsibility of publication owners to ensure they have appropriate permissions from authors to lock posts, and have agreements in place for paying writers where appropriate.

The user account that posted the post will not have control over locking or unlocking a post and will not receive revenue from it directly from Medium. However, the user account that posted the post can remove the post from the publication, which will unlock the post.

Can my publication participate?

Currently publications are included in the Partner Program on an invite-only basis. To sign up for an invitation when they become available, please go here and include a link to your publication.

Thank you!