How To Move To Medium

1. WordPress migration

If you have a single-author WordPress blog, you can now migrate it to Medium as a publication. Here’s how:

If you run a multi-author WordPress blog, let us know here, and we’ll contact you as soon as multi-author migration is supported.

2. Other platforms

On another platform like Tumblr, Blogger, Squarespace, Typepad, or something else?

To be notified when we add support for bulk migration on your platform, let us know here:

More resources

Move your domain

Want to point to a Medium publication? Custom domains give you free access to Medium’s powerful, networked publishing platform using your own domain or subdomain.

You’re responsible for registering and maintaining your own domain name. Medium enables you to link that domain name to our service — for free. Once you have a Medium publication and a domain name (or subdomain) set up, follow the instructions for setting up a custom domain to get started.


For those migrating an existing self-hosted WordPress site to a custom domain on Medium, 301 redirects are automatically created — so long as you’re using the same domain or subdomain with us as you were previously.

For redirects to function correctly, you must first migrate your blog to a Medium publication, and then set up a custom domain as your last step.

Cross-posting, syndication, and canonical URLs

If you’re not ready to fully migrate your blog over, you can still benefit from our platform and engaged network of millions of readers by cross-posting content from your blog to Medium using our single story import tool, WordPress plugin, or by experimenting with syndication recipes on

Whether you use any of those tools, our system embeds canonical links pointing back to your original source to make sure that your search engine authority is boosted and not cannibalized by and your ranking is not penalized for duplicate content by search algorithms.

Don’t forget to read our page on Duplicate Content and SEO for more information.